Fleet management

  • Zones and geofencing
  • Fleet management - commands, lock/unlock, statuses, notes, errors
  • Tips for rebalancing
  • Management of charging stations
  • Data and location of the vehicles in real time
  • Dedicated alarms
  • Complete remote control of vehicles
  • Multi-vehicle and agnostic hardware

Monitor vehicles and the operational area in a complete way
Our system allows you to manage vehicles - cars, electric scooters, mopeds and bicycles - efficiently and effortlessly. You will be able to track and control the fleet in real time: if a vehicle moves outside the designated area, the customer and the operator will receive a warning.
You can set different types of geofences, such as zones allowed for travel, limit zones, bonus zones and surcharge closure zones. You will be able to view the heat map and analytical data to help you reach increasing numbers of users and have secure access with different roles and limitations for your team.

Boost your fleet with automation
Our system will help you set up your fleet management to maximise efficiency and allow you to spend more time on other tasks.
Thanks to the automated processes, you can be sure that nothing will be left out and that operations will continue to run smoothly.

Manage maintenance team activities
Regular maintenance of electric cars and scooters is essential for ensuring they are in optimal condition for use. Maintenance, tyre replacement, battery replacement and washing must be included in the basic operating plan. When dealing with hundreds or thousands of vehicles, it can be difficult to keep track of all the necessary activities. But with a little planning and organisation, you can manage even large fleets easily.

Control and tracking

  • In-depth tracking of routes
  • Details on users, rentals and payment flows
  • Trip management
  • Customer management
  • Price management
  • User onboarding process
  • Access to the dashboard from desktop and mobile
  • Secure access and role-based profiling

Manage all aspects of your business in a single administration panel
An easy-to-use control system that collects all the data of each trip and each customer. Manage operations from a single dashboard, monitor results and modify operational aspects quickly and easily.
Do you have a large team? No problem, the system supports role management, so you can choose the sections to show and the information for each team member.

All the data you need at the click of a button
The fleet, customers, their trips. Invoices, payments, charging and penalties.
Tariff and geofence settings, vehicle models and refuelling rules.
Photos of cars and scooters, operational maps, outlines of trips and important events: all this information is always at hand and easily understandable at the same time thanks to the convenient, well-researched navigation.

Stay up to date on what is happening in your company
Our system of real-time data, alarms and notifications will keep you informed regardless of your fleet size.
Alarm management allows you to monitor if a customer leaves a car open for too long or if someone rides a scooter where they shouldn't.

Dominate the chaos
With car sharing, thousands of vehicles can be rented five to ten times a day by completely different people invarious parts of the city or even the world. And this happens continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Transforming this chaos into a real business empire is only possible with the help of a proven, reliable and mature IT solution.

Operator app

  • Tracking of vehicles for recharging, rebalancing and maintenance
  • Grouping and mass change of status
  • Vehicle maintenance features
  • Notes and tasks associated with vehicles
  • Cascading task distribution
  • Rules for the repositioning of vehicles - zones, number, movements
  • Automated tasks
  • Set up of flows for operations
  • Easy navigation and routing within the app

Efficiently manage your team in the field
Your technicians also need an app to work in the field. And it must be convenient and fast. Operators have everything they need available on their mobile devices. The map not only shows the cars available for rental, but also those that have been deactivated for different reasons. Using the app, technicians can open, close, lock, unlock, hide the vehicle from customers or make it available again. They can also see the list of the tasks assigned to them.

Reporting problems
Vehicle health is important: make it easier for your team to report any problems with vehicles in just a few clicks. The mass update function allows you to change the status and modify many vehicles, with considerable time savings. The markers on the map help the operator understand what must be done with the vehicle: rental status, fuel and battery level, scheduled maintenance or damage. You can take photos to demonstrate the condition of the car. A technician can book multiple vehicles that need assistance and use them to move between the different service locations.

Configurable authorisations
It is always possible to limit the technical permissions and only show the relevant cars to the team. It can be useful for franchise owners who need to limit access to teams from different affiliates.


User app

  • Engaging interface with high conversion rate
  • Integrated payment system
  • Subscriptions and passes
  • Reports on routes and transactions
  • Multi-user management
  • Integrated customer support - online chat, toll-free number, voice assistant/chatbot based on artificial intelligence and integrated with the knowledge base.
  • Verification of identity documents and driver's licenses
  • Tracking of the vehicle position and the driver
  • Multilingual
  • Customisable UX/UI with specific onboarding flows
  • Definition and development of specific features
  • Add-ons (e.g. insurance)

Flexible and customisable
Our car sharing application is one of a kind and offers unparalleled flexibility and customisation.
Offer your customers an exceptional experience with an app featuring your brand identity. Native iOS and Android mobile applications that are customised and easy to use, with high-impact interfaces and user experiences to obtain a greater number of satisfied users. It can be used with different types of vehicles and combinations of vehicles, and in unlimited geographical areas.
In addition, our app is available in multiple languages, so you can easily adapt the text or captions according toyour needs. With our app, the possibilities are truly endless!

Easy and suitable for short-term rentals
The B2-Ride user app is equipped with a fully customisable map, indicators, vehicle cards that offer detailed information on the model, fuel/charge level and more. Provide your customers with a clear and complete view of the rental, regardless of the duration, through the areas where trips are allowed, the bonus areas and the areas with additional costs.
In addition, our advanced billing system will keep track of all transactions and customers can pay for rentals per minute, per day, per week and even per month. With our app, driving has never been easier!

User support
The app allows users to easily connect with the experienced support team, whether they prefer a direct chat, voice call, messaging service or email. Thanks to this personalised experience, customers can receive fast and reliable assistance without ever leaving the app. Encourage customers to take photos before and after the rental to keep track of the condition of the vehicle!
This function will help you monitor the condition of the vehicles and ensure that users park responsibly, actively contributing to the service.



  • Wallet management
  • Management of timed rates
  • Bonus areas
  • Dynamic rates by vehicle type or area
  • Automatic discounting
  • Subscriptions
  • Refund and withholding management

Payment per trip or wallet top-up
Set up the system as you prefer it: ask users to add to their in-app wallet in advance and get bonuses, activate automatic balance top-ups or charge a fee for the trip after it's been completed.

Price management
Set the pricing as you prefer based on many parameters, such as time pricing, distance-based pricing, fixed rate, price when the trip is paused, dynamic pricing, and more. You can easily set and change prices to optimise transactions and get money to your account quickly and securely.

Dynamic pricing
Enable dynamic pricing to optimise revenues. This function increases or decreases the price of the trip according to the time of day or the specific area, so as to balance the commercial aspects of the business.

When it comes to processing payments, reliability is key
Hundreds of small and large payments need to be debited from customers' cards every minute, and any malfunction can lead to chaos in the flow of money. That's why it's essential to work with an experienced partner, with an IT solution that integrates with acquiring.


Customer Engagement

  • In-app messages and push notifications
  • Integrated customer support
  • Promo codes and discount vouchers
  • Agreements
  • Rewards
  • User profiling
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing

Personalised marketing
With the help of push notifications and in-app messages and by integrating email marketing or SMS marketing tools via API, you can transmit your message to users, in a targeted, fast and secure way. Increase engagement and conversion rates and implement your personalised marketing strategy with specific actions, directly within the user app.

Promotions and discounts
Share promo codes via email, push notifications and in-app messages to increase engagement and conversion rates. Encourage customers to leave vehicles where they are most needed by offering a bonus. Activate discounts and special rates for loyal customers.

Subscriptions and loyalty programs
Offer your users subscriptions or agreements to increase loyalty. In the management console you can create subscriptions for specific durations or services and associate them with one or more users. You will have a dedicated functionality for creating and managing agreements for encouraging loyalty among business users.


Business insights

  • Dashboards with customisable widgets
  • Analysis dashboards and predefined views
  • Heat maps for demand analysis
  • Overall and detailed statistics
  • Business analytics tools
  • Reports and maps
  • Profiled access

Business optimisation algorithms
Our customisable dashboards allow you to focus on the essential metrics for your sharing service. Sets the rebalancing zones so that the system automatically monitors their availability and suggests that the operations team place more vehicles. Improve fleet performance and customer satisfaction, increasing vehicle use rates and reducing operating expenses.

Heat maps
Heat maps will help you discover unmet demand and the best hotspots for vehicle distribution, as well as analyse customer behaviour, use the fleet to optimise pricing strategies and refine routes.

Real-time information
Has the average trip ranking fallen? Do some vehicles need to be repositioned due to lower demand? Has the connection to the IoT been lost? It is important to have visibility on the performance of your business. There are several tools available in the platform that will help you get an immediate overview and analyse the data at different levels.
Monitor critical indicators, identifying opportunities and maximising performance. Get useful information exactly when you need it, directly from the dashboard!

Overall and detailed views and reports
Access useful statistics and reports: analyse trips and profile users. Compare data with previous periods and analyse trends. Follow the main KPIs of your mobility project and compare them with the average industry metrics to understand where you are ahead and where you should do more.

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